Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking Flight

We're off.

We are flying to California today. This is a state where democracy rules.The people once chose to be governed by the B-movie actor Ronald Reagan and have now voted to be governed by the B-movie Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. And yet they seem to be completely baffled about why the state keeps getting into all sorts of messes.

We will be in San Francisco for a few days, then the Napa wine region. Finally we will be in Colusa at our friends Robert and Jaki's place. From there we begin a long driving holiday through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota and other places we have never been.

Toward the end we end up at Devil's Tower, that great landmark from Close Encounters. I have already found myself building mounds with my mashed potatoes.

Having had six months to prepare for the trip, we awoke this morning realizing we had lots to do. We are now trying to frantically finish everything in the four hours we have before we must leave. So I'm signing off.

Next post - from the USA.

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